"A giant demonic beast that wields a creepy sword. He was sealed beneath the fortress by ice magic. Long ago, he brandished his sword for Kullervo.

His soul residues in the sword, and as long as he holds it, no attack can get him. Knock it free with a bomb, and his soul will scatter, making him weak until he recovers." —Book of Prophecy


  • Weakness: Bomb


  • Pages: 217-218
  • Original Title: Shady Amorphes
  • Original Codes: Shadow x6, Ice x1, Snake x1, Fame x1
  • Mental Map Upgrade Gains: Wisdom x1/2nd upgrade/4x4

Extra Info:

End of Chapter 3:

  • Amorphes is the Boss you need to beat to unseal Ice Spirit Neaki in Sealed Domain (Tornaq Ice Cavern)
  • This is Amorphes 1st boss battle
  • See below for fighting process
  • Gain Ice Wings, Dainslef, HP increaser
  • Sword Demon Amorphes (Boss Battle/HP 3060)
  • Use Small Key (with 2 ice codes on it) to unlock TIC 15 door
  • Scan Items: Dainslef (metalize tablet), Ice wings (green metalize tablet), HP/MP increaser (gold metalize tablet)
  • Cutscene: Free Neaki but she says it is too early and you have released Sword Demon Amorphes - Boss Battle
  • Cutscene: See Kullvero and Prince Valdo - Kullervo is bringing about the early destruction of the world!
  • Exits: TIC 15/down
  • Solution: Use a bomb (charge, drop, wait for him to walk over it, explode it), his sword drops, attack the sword, he goes little, attack him with Hurricane Spin - if he gets big again then do the same thing until you beat him.

Postgame Future Vision: Sword Demon Returns!

  • Timer going: 10 minutes total
  • Stabs sword into ground, white energy shield comes up
  • He will be invincible when he has his sword
  • He flys up and swoops at you
  • He flys up and tried to air pound you into ground
  • He sends small purple tracking sparkles at you
  • So lay a bomb, detonate it under him
  • He will drop his sword
  • Attack his sword
  • He will be small running around
  • attack him with Hurricane Spin to go as fast as he is running around and beat him
  • You only have to beat him once and not reattack him several times like the 1st time you battled him when getting Neaki for the first time
  • Gain Thick Dainslef (Broadsword)

Amorphes has related info under the Dainslef (Broadsword) description:

Long, long ago ... far before Kaleila ever was, there  was a huge empire on the earth. It's people revered the holy "Messiah" and ruled the world alongside monsters. 4 opposing kingdoms stood in 4 directions. The Eastern kingdom fell from a traitor named Amorphes who then received the Dainslef sword from the empire. The Dainslef devours souls, and after devouring its user Amorphes' soul, it turned him into a fearsome monster.

Related Future Vision: Sword Demon Returns!

  • Description: The Sword Demon resurrected in Ice Cavern! Details Unknown!
  • Location: Sealed Domain
  • Battle: Amorphes (2nd time)
  • Get: Thick Dainslef (metalize tablet/Broadsword)
  • Extra Info: Beat Amorphes for the second time,  Ur will comment that he is a fallen commander

Future Vision Sword Demon resurrected in Ice Cavern! Details Unknown!

  • Place: Sealed Domain
  • Walk into Sealed Domain (Tornaq Ice Caverns/Boss Room)
  • Gain: Thick Dainslef/Broadsword

Related Quiz Question:

  • Q: Which is not one of the four dragons who sealed the Spirits?
  • A: Amorphes

Strategy / Tips:

See the description. Also, once you knock the sword out of his hands, attack the sword (300+ HP), then once the sword is destroyed, he will become a "mini" version of himself, running around the room corners. This is the ONLY chance you'll get to Code Scan him.

Be careful of his swinging and flying attack. These attacks take two leaves of your HP.