"Silent warrior of the sands.Carries a blade of his height. Relies solely his sword, unable to use magic. He's as expressionless as a doll."
—Book of Prophecy


Locked Code:

He lost his heart and was controlled by Olly, but upon meeting you, he started to get his heart back, along with the mess of emotions.
There must be a reason why he shut his heart.

Unlocked Code:

Same as locked.


Anwar is one of the hero characters in Avalon Code. He's possesed by his sword which he always carries. Olly is his stepmother, but he can't use magic. At first, he lived in Samiad, but after chapter 4, he lives in Rhoan town.


He has long violet hair, which is a bit wavy at the end. He bounds it together with seven golden rings. His eyes are darkbrown in the artwork and gold in the game. His dress resembles an Arabic costume from One Thousand and One Nights. He's the character with the most decorations in the game and the only one with dark skin (besides of Ellie who isn't dateable).


Anwar seems to be a very heartless person. He prefers to be alone and doesn't talk often. Deep in his heart which he closed, he is a very kind person.


Starts with Ice x3, Freedom x1, Wealth x1 and Bug x4 = Emptiness x9
His locked code is VOID


flying dagger


Broadswords, projectiles, hair decorations, cookie, cake, desert flower


Swords, shields, hats, helmets, breastplates, bitter things (some like herbs)

Favorite flower meaning:

remaining time (Lingerlom)

Least favorite:

flattery (Howl Grass)


"Friendly Swordsman Anwar"

Greeting Statements:

  • Ah ha.

Gift Statements:

  • Love: Why, this is--! Thank you...
  • Like: Yes, I’ll take it.
  • Hate: I don’t really care for this.
  • Repeat Gift: ...This again?


Affection Sidequests:

Get: Anwar (broadsword), Sandy Broadsword Anwar, Desert Flower (item)

Meet Anwar

  • Starts Chapter 4
  • After winning the war go to your home
  • Anwar will be there and kidnap you

Ellie and the Prison

  • Progress the general storyline
  • When you get out of Prison (Desert Witch's Palace), Anwar will let you go free if you have 2000+ points with him - OR - you will have to battle him if his points are lower than 2000.

Anwar Moves to Town

  • Starting Chapter 5
  • When you are back in Rhoan Town (after Western Desert) then walk into the Back Alleys and you will see a cutscene where Anwar is calling your name.
  • Anwar will now stand in the Back Alleys just beside the broken drop down fence

Anwar Learns About Love/Love Scene/Basic

  • You can start talking to him here and giving him gifts.
  • Eventually, you will get a cutscene where he will ask about why he sees couples "pairing" off into groups.
  • You act out a back and forth conversation.
  • He asks if it is love or hate.
  • Choose love (this is accepting his Love Scene/Basic)
  • Talk to him again to get another cutscene where he asks if you "harbor any feelings for anyone".
  • No choice given because your character automatically runs away embarrassed.
  • Choose hate (this is rejecting his Love Scene/basic).
  • He will not go on to his Confession Scene.
  • You will not be girlfriend.
  • Test to see if he still gets sucked up by tornado.
  • Test to see if you can still get his sword & upgrade. (You should be able to, but test it anyway.)

Getting Anwar's Sword and Unlocking his Void Code:

  • If you raise his points further (2500+) then you will trigger the letter for the tournament and the two fountain cutscenes - essentially, you become girlfriend, and then he will get sucked away in a tornado
  • You can do all of Nanai's affection sidequests before the end of Chapter 5, and then be able to do the end of Anwar's affection sidequests - OR - you can go into your house after the tournament and trigger all the events leading up to the tornado that blows Anwar away (then, you would have to do his last sidequest during chapter 11 or after)
  • Decide when you want to complete Anwar's last sidequest and then do the following to complete it:
  • Do all of Nanai's affection sidequests
  • Talk to Anwar and you will get a cutscene where he tells you about his sword and all the details/Nanai seals sword
  • He will you to kill him:
    • Do not do it, Say no
  • You will get Anwar's Sword (called Anwar)
  • On-screen statement tells you to unlock his Void code with Friendly/Gentle title
  • Anwar's code is unlocked!

Getting Sandy Broadsword Anwar (Sword)

  • Talk to Anwar again with High Points
  • He will tell you more details about the sword
  • Go to Prison Escape Route
  • Behind Desert Witch's Palace
  • Scan green metalize tablet/slider
  • Sandy Anwar (Broadsword)
  • You can make it and give it to him but he accepts it as a regular loved gift, no cutscenes

Get Sandy Broadsword Anwar

  • Give Anwar present after unlock his code.
  • He will tell you that he had a dream and that it was about his sword and the past of Samiad.
  • The sword is made from the sand which destroyed Samiad. The sacrifices and dreams of the people are turned into the sword. That's why it controls its wielder and turns it into a heartless demon.
  • After that he tell you that, he thinks that you can master the sword.
  • He tells you that its "true name" appeared in Al-Hadi Samiad.
  • You can now find the metallize tablet on Prison Escape Route (page 1245/1246).
  • Solve the slide puzzle and you'll get "Sandy Broadsword Anwar"


  • He's adopted by Olly, but there's nothing known about his real familiy. It is most likely that they're dead.
  • Fighting against him after fleeing the desert prison depends on whether he likes you or not.
    • 2000 points and over = No fight
    • Less than 2000 points = Yes fight
  • In the game, it is said that his name means "desert wind", but in reality, the name Anwar means "child of light". Anwar is Arabic.