"The Genesis "key" used to create this world. The Book of Prophecy's power was drained, and Code changed, so it's become an old and rusted sword. Dulled with rust, even a regular sword is better. However, it was once a great sword, so it may still hold unknown power."

—Book of Prophecy


  • Effect:
  • Attack: 160
  • Critical: 15%
  • Additional:

Other information:

  • Page: 365-366
  • Page Value: 2000/2000
  • Combination Attack: 280

Weapon Recipe:

  • Base: Sword
  • Original Title: Rusted Battle Sword
  • Original Codes: Copper x3, Illness x3 (Rust x6)
  • Regular Battle Sword
  • Copper x2, Illness x2
  • Attack: 50

Extra Info:

  • Location: Beginning/Genesis Sword turns into Battle Sword (Rusted)


  • Even though the Genesis downgrades into the Battle Sword, and the Battle Sword is the Genesis, there are still two separate swords you will get and upgrade in the game
  • You can get one without the other even though the are the "same" sword

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