This is a summary of all the places in Avalon Code. (not yet completed)

Grana PlainsEdit

Sunny Hills

Three-Way Road Ruins

Grana Plains 1

Grana Plains 2

Grana Plains 3

Grana Plains 4

Grana Plains 5

Grana Plains 6

Grana Plains 7

Grana Plains 8

Grana Plains 9

Grana Plains 10

Grana Plains 11

Grana Plains 12

Grana Plains 13

Grana Plains 14

Rhoan TownEdit

Crossroads of the World

Town Entrance (Rhoan Town)

Center of Town

Central Park

Road to Castle

Fortune-Teller Alley

Training Hall Road



Back Alleys

Abandoned House (Outside)

Mayor's House (Outside)

Vis' House (outside)

Home (Rhoan Town)

Rex's House

Nanai's House 1F

Nanai's House 2F

Duran's House 1F

Duran's House 2F

Haochy's House

Abandoned House (Inside)

Fana's House 1F

Fana's House 2F

Kamui's House

Romaioni's House 1F

Romaioni's House 2F

Mayor's House 1F

Mayor's House 2F

Vis' House (inside)

Training Hall

Training Hall Dungeon

Underground Training Space 1

Underground Training Space 2

Underground Training Space 3

Underground Training Space 4

Underground Training Space 5

Underground Training Space 6

Underground Training Space 7

Underground Training Space 8

Underground Training Space 9

Underground Training Space 10

Underground Training Space 11

Underground Training Space 12

Swordsman's Domain

Witch's Hidden Dungeon

Witch's Hidden Room 1

Witch's Hidden Room 2

Witch's Hidden Room 3

Witch's Hidden Room 4

Witch's Hidden Room 5

Witch's Hidden Room 6

Witch's Hidden Room 7

Franelle CastleEdit

Castle Gates

Inner Garden



Corridor (Left/vertical)

Corridor (Middle/horizontal)

Corridor (Right/vertical)

Great Gate (Kaleila Frannelle Castle)

Council Room

Dining Hall

Path to Dungeon 1

Path to Dungeon 2

Audience Chamber

Princess' Quarters

King's Quarters

Fro/Escape RoutesEdit

Fro's Hiding Place

Escape Route 1

Escape Route 2

Escape Route 3

Escape Route 4

Escape Route 5

Escape Route 6

Frannelle Dungeon

Prison (Frannelle)

Prison (Cage)

Dungeon Entrance

Dungeon 1

Dungeon 2

Dungeon 3

Dungeon 4

Dungeon 5

Dungeon 6

Dungeon 7

Dungeon 8

Dungeon 9

Hidden Meia DungeonEdit

Hidden Meia 1

Hidden Meia 2

Hidden Meia 3

Hidden Meia 4

Hidden Meia 5

Hidden Meia 6

Hidden Meia 7

Hidden Meia 8

Hidden Meia 9

Hidden Meia 10

Hidden Meia 11

Hidden Meia 12

Hidden Meia 13

Hidden Meia 14

Hidden Meia 15

Hidden Meia 16

Eternal Abyss

Great Spire/Spear

Great Spear of Mastema 1

Great Spear of Mastema 2

Great Spear of Mastema 3

Great Spear of Mastema 4

Great Spear of Mastema 5

Great Spear of Mastema 6

Great Spear of Mastema 7

Great Spear of Mastema 8

Great Spear of Mastema 9

Great Spear of Mastema 10

Great Spear of Mastema 11

Great Spear of Mastema 12

Great Spear of Mastema 13

Great Spear of Mastema 14

Great Spear of Mastema 15

Great Spear of Mastema 16

Great Spear of Mastema 17

Great Spear of Mastema 18

Great Spear of Mastema 19

Great Spear of Mastema 20

Great Spear of Mastema 21

Paradise at Cloud's End


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