Center of Town
In game description:
"Rhoan's marketplace bustles with life every morning, and food carts at night. You'll find anything you need, but it's seedier at night."

List of things to explore:

North-Eastern house: "This house is up for rent"
Street stall - "Many tools fill the street stalls. The board has today's specials.
West flower bed - "Flowers grow all over town. Rhoan people love flowers"
Reward for all - None

People in area:

Kamui - starts with Illness x4 and cat x4

Adjacent areas:

North - Central Park
East - Arena
South-East - Training Hall Road
South - Town entrance
South-West - Fortune-Teller Alley
West - Back Alleys
Left House - Fana's House
Middle House - Kamui's House
Right House - Romaioni's House