"The single daughter to King Xenonbart of Kaleila. Her rich upbringing spoiled her. Owns a strange cat named Guri Guri. Is head over heels in love with Prince Valdo."

—Book of Prophecy


Locked Code:

The single daughter to King Xenonbart of Kaleila. Her rich upbringing spoiled her. Owns a strange cat named Guri Guri. Is head over heels in love with Prince Valdo.

Changes per action/storyline:

What does it mean to love and protect something? She has much to learn, and may become a proud princess that everyone cherishes someday. Learning that Kaleila is on the brink of destruction makes her consider how to lead her people as their princess.

Unlocked Code:

Signed the peace treaty with Prince Valdo.


Dorothea is the only child of the king of Rhoan, King Xenonbart and is very spoiled. She owns a black cat named Guri Guri and is deeply in love with Prince Valdo of the Waisen Empire. During the game, she is going to care about her subordinates and about politics - in opposition to her father. At the end of the game, she is the one signing the peace treaty between Rhoan and the Waisen Empire. In comparison to all other townspeople, Dorothea is the only one who believes you and says that you aren't responsible for the catastrophe.


Dorothea has short, honey blond hair and light blue eyes.She has a noble and fancy, puffed dress. She a golden sceptor and has a big crown placed on her head.


Dorothea is spoiled, childish, arrogant and just thinks about herself and her beloved Valdo. However, she soon recognizes the misfortune in the world and becomes interested in her fellow humans and in politics. She accepts responsibility and visits the townsfolk to cheer them up and signes the peace treaty at the end of the game instead of her father.She loves her cat Guri Guri.


Starts with Forest x4, Copper x3, Wisdom x2


Well, all right. I suppose I'll take it.



Broadswords, hammers, bombs, hats, sweets


Glasses, bitter things, bread

Favorite Flower Meaning:


Least Favorite:

A Persecuted Heart


"Holy Princess Dorothea"
Light, Light, Hope, Hope, Hope, Bird

Greeting Statements:

  • Greetings.

Gift Statements:

  • Love: Ooh! You have good taste!
  • Like: Well, all right. I suppose I'll take it.
  • Hate: You must be kidding.
  • Repeat Gift: I already have that!


Affection Sidequests:

Get: Dorothean (Cake Recipe)

Meet Dorothea

  • (Castle Gates/runs over you)
  • Do Future Vision called Maids on Strike
  • Talk to Dorothea/gives you 300 Mystic Jewels
  • Give Dorothea a few presents

Prince Valdo Book

  • Can start in Chapter 3 when Sylphy arrives
  • Dorothea tries to read Prince Valdo's book
  • She wants you to find someone who can read it
  • Sylphy and you will appear in Princess's Quarters
  • Sylphy reads the book for Dorothea
  • Dorothea gives you Cake (Base Code Recipe)

Speaking to Dorothea in her room, she says that she's too busy to talk to Tia thinking about Valdo. Tia begins to leave, but she asks her to stay and says that she seen him reading a book, and that she really wants to know what it said. She asks Tia to find someone to read it.

Talking to Sylphy, she eventually agrees to help, though she doesn't know what she's going to do. She is suprided when she arrives at the castle. Though Dorothea and Sylphy argue at first, Sylphy agrees and translates the text for her. Dorothea decides that she'll study more to become a good ruler. She gives them cake as a reward, though Sylphy doesn't like sweets.


Dorothea: Oh, my beloved Prince Valdo!♪ How I wonder where you are.♪ Huh? Tia? I'm too busy thinking about Prince Valdo! Don't bother me!

(Tia starts to leave)

Dorothea: W-wait! Tia! I just remembered something! When Prince Valdo visited once before, he had a book with him.
It was full of strange words I couldn't read! What I would give to be able to read that book! If you know someone who could read it, bring them here! Please!

(Talking) Well? did you find someone who can read that book?

Sylphy: Well if it isn't the human Tia. Why waste your short life in this place? What's that? You need a favor? Is it my knowledge you seek? Hmm... Very well, then. I'll humor you this time. But in return...
(Tia starts walking away)
'Sylphy: Hold on a minute! I wasn't done talking! Sheesh!
(At the castle)
Sylphy: Hey! This is inside the castle! Why did you bring me here?!
Dorothea: Huh? Who is this?! Ah, you're here to read my book?
Sylphy: Book?! You mean the princess of the kingdom is illiterate?!
Dorothea: Hey, don't make fun of me! Of course I can read! It's just that this book has words I can't understand!
Sylphy: This is ancient script. I've never seen real ones before. Very well, then. I'll read it for you. "To Guide a Kingdom" A land is not built on an individual. Not with only the king. Not with only the people. It is only made with them combined. The people praise the king and vice versa. Trust is vital. People, take pride in your king! King, love and respect your people!
Dorothea: Those are the very same words Prince Valdo once said! I see now! They were written in this book! But... Oh, goodness. It sure is difficult. But its message is still clear!
Sylphy: I believe it's about how the Ancients were good rulers.
Dorothea: How to be a good ruler? Aha! I get it now! I have to do some studying, too! You two were a great help! Thank you so much! I hope you come to help me if I'm ever in a pickle again! Oh! I really must thank you two properly! Take this! It's my snack for today! Farewell for now!
Sylphy: Pfft! Cake as thanks? I don't really like sweets. You can have it.

Dorothean Cake

  • Can start after first event
  • Talk to Dorothea
  • She found a book on ancient sweets
  • She wants you to make a cake for her
  • She gives you Dorothean (cake recipe)
  • Make Dorothean and give it to her


Dorothea: Hrnnngh! Well, it it isn't Tia! Excellent timing! I just read a book about ancient sweets! Now, what was its name again? Ah! I remember now! The Dorothean! That was it! I want to eat one! I want to eat one right now! I know! That gives me an idea! I'll use my daddy's name to give an order! Hey! Anybody there?
Maid: You called, my lady?
Dorothea: Yes, I want you to give daddy a message.
Maid: Very well, my lady. I will tell him immediately.
Dorothea: Thanks! You're helping too, Tia! I'll tell you how to make it! We'll make enough for everyone!

(Speaking) I think the Dorothean was supposed to be round.

Dorothea: [After giving the Dorothean] Ah, this is it! This has to be it! Well done, Tia! Let's eat it right away! ... ...!! This is so delicious! I've never tasted such sweetness! It's so sugary! Did they really eat this long ago? I'm going to make it the official sweet of the kingdom! Alert the cooks!
Maid: Yes, my lady.
Dorothea: Oh, Tia. You did wonderfully! Let me thank you again. You'll hear from me later!

Guri Guri Runs Away

  • Start begining of chapter 5
  • Talk to Dorothea
  • Guri Guri ran off
  • Talk with Anwar (Do before end of Chapter 5!)
  • Anwar says the cat is south of town
  • Go to Crossroads of the World to find Guri Guri
  • Dorothea comes and gets him (not the same cutescene as "Inner Garden", which is Guri Guri's affection sidequest)

Princess Goes to Town

  • Start beginning of Chapter 11
  • Talk to Dorothea (Mayor Georg's House 2F)
  • Dorothea cares about her kingdom's people
  • She goes all over Rhoan town talking to people to let them know she cares and cheer them up
  • On-screen statement tells you to use Holy title to remove her locked Selfish code
  • Princess Dorothea's code is unlocked!