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Is convinced he's a hero destined to save the world. Rushes to anyone's rescue, but mostly winds up making a mess. Has a good heart, but is very gullible. He is the son of Gustav but his sword skills are mediocre. His perseverance hasn't paid off. Though poor, he is a proper gentleman and always wears the same flowers. They grow outside of town, so the rise in monsters makes them hard to get. According to him, it is "the flower most worthy of a hero".

Unlocked CodeEdit

7 years ago, a little girl he used to play hero with died, and he was unable to save her. Thus, he wears the flowers she once gave him as a vow that he'll become a real hero someday. He fights hard for Meenya to this day.


Even though Duran is the son of Gustav, the head of the 4 Great Schools, he isn't as talented as his father. In fact, even his personality is the opposite of him: He is naive, weak and a coward. But nonetheless, he has his heart in the right place and always tries his very best to help others, though it always ends in a mess. Duran is very polite and attentive. He's scared about an event in the past, in which he saw his father Gustav "killing" Rex's family (Rex's sister Meenya).


Duran has light brown hair and brown eyes. His trademark is his hat, which is decorated with the Hero Bloom. He wears a brown short cape and brown chaps as well as brown leather shoes. Duran also wears a dark blue tunic with brown belts and a sword on the left side.


Duran is naive, weak and a coward, but has his heart in the right place. He always gives everything, even though he fails in the end. Like a real gentleman, he is polite and attentive.


Starts with Lightning x4, Stone x1, Fire x3


Swords, shields, hats, wings, sweets, Durandal (even though its not in the in-game list)


Projectiles, hair decorations, grass

Favorite flower meaning:

sense of accomplishment

Least favorite:

repetitive thoughts


"Brilliant Young Man Duran"
Light, Light, Light, Fire, Gold

Greeting Statements:

  • Hi.
  • Leave it to the Hero! I'll handle it!

Gift Statements:

  • Love: Wow, what a great gift!
  • Like: Thanks.
  • Hate: Uh well Um ... Thanks, I guess.
  • Repeat Gift: I just got that the other day.



Affection Sidequests:

Get: Durandal

Meet Duran

  • Beginning of Chapter 2/Grana Plains 8

Fight A Monster

  • Ilikethehat
    See Duran at his house, talk to him
  • He will ask you to meet him at the forest to help him fight a monster (Knight Mare)
  • Go to Granatum Forest 1 to get a cutscene and then you end up fighting the monster
Talking to Duran, he says that when he went to pick the flowers for his hat, a monster was there that he was forced to get away from. He asks the protagonist for help defeating it.

At Forest 1, Duran appears and is visibly frightened, but denies it. The monster notices them and the protagonist must finish it.

After defeating it, he compliments the hero and says that he was even worried for a second. He tells the protagonist that he needed the flowers because it matches so well with a hero like himself. He says that someone gave him that flower a long time ago and it gives him courage to this day.

A Hero Lesson

  • Talk to Duran at his house
  • Get cutscene about what makes a hero

A Family Slaughtered

  • Start in Chapter 4
  • Do Rex's affection sidequests up to where Rex takes you to the Abandoned House and tells you about his sister and family being killed
  • Talk to Duran to learn that he was inside the house, hid, and didn't save Meenya
  • Meenya was the one who gave him the Hero Blossom flowers. He vowed that one day he would become a true hero.

I Saw You

  • Talk to Duran again and get a cutscene where he tells you that he saw his father in Rex's Abandoned House and that he thinks his father murdered Rex's family
  • He wants you to go with him to confront his father
  • Say yes to get a cutscene with Gustav
  • Gustav does not deny anything but is angry and challenges you
  • Say yes and beat Gustav
  • Get a cutscene where Gustav admits to being in the house but that he did not kill Rex's family. They were already dead and he feels guilty for not being able to save them. Plus some other details about Rex's father.
  • Duran feels better knowing that his father did not murder Rex's family and vows to fight on as a hero
  • On-screen statement tells you to unlock Duran's Weak code with Brilliant title (Light x3, Fire x1, Gold x1)
  • His code is unlocked!

Get Durandal cutscene/Duran Affection 2000+:

  • Starting Chapter 7
  • Talk to Duran
  • Get cutscene where he tells you where the Durandal is located
  • Get Durandal, make it, give it to Duran
  • Get Flaming Rapier Durandal in Duran's House 2F left bookshelf


  • You learn Judgment Link from Duran at the beginning of Chapter 2 in Grana Plains.
  • He likes the Rapier "Durandal" even though its not in the in-game list.

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