Fault/Trait Code Edit

A fault/trait code is a code embedded in a character's code map but cannot be moved until a special event is met and a specific code combination is used. As far as I know, there is no official name for the 'bad' code and because it is not always a fault, the fault/trait code seems like a proper name.

Character Fault/Trait CodeEdit

When courting one of the romantic choices or making friends, the fault code for that character may not appear right off. Some do not appear until the book has upgraded to a specific level. Once this occurs, you must become better friends with the character with fulat code you are trying to remove. One of the most popular codes belongs to the male hero's female friend, Fana. Fana's Illness is her fault code and you cannot remove it until you reach a specific friend level. Once you reach it, you can touch the text under her name to get the hint on how to remove it.

Enemy Fault/Trait CodeEdit

More often than not, the enemy fault code bodes very badly in your favor. The earliest example of this is the invincible hobgoblin. These require no friend level. Just click the text under its picture and it will give you the hint on how to remove it. In his case, its a lot of light elements.