Grana Plains 5


  • There are many spots that provide excellent views. Searching for them is just one way to enjoy the plains.
  • Scan: None

Extra Info:

  • -

Explore (4):

  • Center, grass tuft (easiest way to find is to walk from the large rock in the Upper-right, heading to the Lower-left. After crossing the Map's "Crease", it will be the grass directly to your right): "The blades of grass rub lightly against you."
  • Center left, small rock (face up under rock): "A large and well-formed rock. Might make a good throwing weapon."
  • Center bottom, small rock (face up under rock): "They say its underside teems with bugs, but is it true?"
  • Top right, grass tuft slightly lower-left of dark layered rock: "The waves of grass look like Mother Nature's carpet."

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