Granatum Forest 3


  • People say you'll never find your way out of this forest, but it's usually the mind playing tricks. The repeating scenery is what brings on anxiety and parinoia which causes dementia.
  • Scan: None

Extra Info:

  • -

Explore (3):

  • Patch of grass near South entrance. On the crease, look for the large tuff of grass. "Strange Plats, native to the forest, grow all over."
  • Find the "M" Dirt Patch near the entrance from the right. Stand on the grass to the right of it and continue down until you are covered by the tree branches. Search the trees. "The tree shade is refreshing. Perfect spot for a nap."
  • Large rock in the Northwest corner. Indention in rock is above the "M"-shaped Dirt Patch. Search the indention. "What a large rock. Where did it come from?"

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