If someone else can figure out some of the ones i'm missing, i'd be grateful if you filled them in -porcupine1

Granatum Forest 1

  1. Tree with sunbeams under it in northwest corner, hug right wall.
  2. Tree in southwest corner, hug right part of wall.
  3. Tree in southeast corner, hug top part of that wall.

Granatum Forest 2

  1. north side of the river, in the dip close to the thorns
  2. spot in the south part of the river just under the crease
  3. bump in the big rock in the southwest corner
  4. The trees just north east of #3

Granatum Forest 3

  1. big tuft of grass next to smaller patches at the south edge of the screen near the crease
  2. Top of trees in south east corner of map
  3. indent in the rock in the northwest corner

Granatum Forest 4

  1. bottom of the big rock sticking out of the northeast corner
  2. the white flower near the trees
  3. white mushrooms at the center of the map, under the crease

Granatum Forest 5

  1. In the south side of the river at the far west end.
  2. Moss that looks almost like a chicken footprint on the center east side of the map, south of the river
  3. In the forest about halfway between the crease, south-center and slightly East.

Granatum Forest 6

  1. between the 2 trees in the northwest corner
  2. small greyish dot under a tree by some leaves in the northeast corner
  3. patch of dark grass a bit to the left of the middle of the map

Granatum Forest 7

  1. spot on the cliff right along the 
  2. crease
  3. indent in the forest west of the center
  4. white mushrooms near the trees in the southeast corner

Granatum Forest 8

  1. cliff on the north side, right on top of the crease
  2. Grass at the top of the indent near the crease at the south end of the map
  3. in the trees in the exact southwest corner

Metalize Tablet 'Mantis Blade'

Granatum Forest 9

  1. patch of dark green grass south of the northwest corner, not the close one.
  2. patch of dark green grass a bit south of #1
  3. middle of a patch of dirt just a tiny bit northwest of another patch of dirt, both are near the southeast corner
  4. middle of a patch of dirt in northeast corner

Garantum Forest 10

  1. top of the large rock close to the northwest corner
  2. notch sticking out of the east side of the bridge
  3. south side of the river, just a bit west of the bridge
  4. rock close to the southwest corner

Granatum Forest 11

  1. on the cliff, just west of the crease
  2. on the cliff, just east of the crease
  3. Go to the tree in the NE corner and there is a patch of grass right next to it. Run south about 12 steps from the grass (using the sound to judge) and search in that area.

Metalize Tablet ??? puzzle: "Forest Flower Decoration"

Granatum Forest 12

  1. bottom of the little rock next to the cliff, near the northwest corner
  2. patch of grass northwest of the metalize tablet
  3. along the tree line, south of the metalize tablet and a little east

Metalize Tablet 'Champion Sword Gladius'

Granatum Forest 13

  • all locations are south of the river
  1. edge where the group of trees meets the river, east side
  2. edge where the group of trees meets the river, west side
  3. white mushrooms near southwest corner
  4. big, lone tuft of grass near southeast corner

Granatum Forest 14

  1. bottom of the large rock next to the forest drop
  2. water to the right of #1
  3. bottom of the group of trees next to the river