Description/ Information:

  • Main Goal: Defeat All The Enemies!
  • Additional Goal: Use 20+ Toss-ups!: 500
  • Additional Goal: Get 30+ Jewels!: 500 (can't get if jewel storage 9999)
  • Medal: 4000 gold/3000 siver/2000 bronze
  • Time: 1:50
  • Time Points: 1 x 50
  • Times Damage Bonus: 500
  • Item for Gold Score: None


  • There are 5 Lion Knights, make sure to bounce one at least 20 times, then you can defeat the others - OR - for this one you can still get a gold score even if you don't bounce one for 20 times if you don't get hit much and also get a fast time with also getting the 30+ jewel bonus.

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