Description/ Information:

  • Main Goal: Flip All The Switches!
  • Medal: 4000 gold/3000 siver/2000 bronze
  • Time: 1:50
  • Time Points: 1 x 50
  • Times Damage Bonus: 100
  • Item for Gold Score: Hauteclaire (scan green metalize tablet/slider)


  • 2 yellow switches, 2 air steps, use air step on right side to get inside or on the moving platform, use air step on the inside top to get on the moving platform, it is all in the timing, goal is to use the air steps to get on moving platform, ride the moving platform to hit both yellow switches with a lightning weapon, you can hover over the air steps to help you time it right, try to aim somewhat diagonally up towards the top yellow switch, you can get gold your first time through
  • Later, summon Ur and he will hit the switches

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