Description/ Information:

  • Main Goal: Flip All The Switches!
  • Additional Goal: Use 15+ Toss-ups!: 1000
  • Additional Goal: Fight With Alloy Weapons!: 1000
  • Additional Goal: Use 3 Evasion Moves!: 300
  • Medal: 4000 gold/3000 silver/2000 bronze
  • Time: 1:30
  • Time Points: 1 x 40
  • Times Damage Bonus: 1000
  • Item for Gold Score: None


  • Equip an Alloy (2-3 ores combo) weapon, run towards the right side, gates come up trapping you, Hell Guards spawn, roll 3 times, bounce Hell Guard with Alloy weapon until almost dead and at least 15 times, let fall it and finish it off with the Alloy weapon, hit them quick or they massive swipe, switch to two same high power weapons, Hurricane Spin the rest, or you could bounce the rest, gates come down, continue running towards right side, Equip hammer, hammer down pop-up button switch. When stronger later then you can just run in and kill all the Hell Guards and hammer the switch.

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