Description/ Information: 

  • Main Goal: Flip All The Switches!
  • Additional Goal: Use 20+ Toss-ups!: 1000
  • Additional Goal: Beat All w/ Charge Attack!: 1000
  • Medal: 4000 gold/3000 silver/2000 bronze
  • Time: 1:30
  • Time Points: 1 x 30
  • Times Damage Bonus: 1000


  • Unequip all weapons, run towards top, gates will come up trapping you, Hell Prisoners will appear in the trap with you, scan them and put on Avanium (6+ gold/or fill with gold), bounce one Hell Prisoner at least 20 times letting him fall still alive, tap screen to stop time, take off all gold, equip Holy Excalibur sword, Hurricane Spin all the Hell Prisoners, do not hit them unless you are charged, do not let them hit you, when all enemies are beaten then the gate trap will come down, run up to top, Equip hammer, hammer down pop up button switch.
  • Silver or Gold Score

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