"Decendants of those who rebelled against Kaleila 300 years ago. They transformed into monsters in the dungeons, biding their time to exact their revenge. Their grudge repels attacks, but Freedom might be enough to free their souls."

—Book of Prophecy


  • Weakness: None


  • Pages: 199-200
  • Original Title: Locked: Invincible Kaleila Rebel, Unlocked: Dog-loving Kaleila Rebel, Freedom: Free Kaleila Rebel
  • Original Codes: Gold x2, Dog x3, Invincible x1
  • Mental Map Upgrade Gains: Silver x1/2nd upgrade/4x4

Extra Info - Location:

  • Escape Route 5 (Appear here in Chapter 11+)
  • Hidden Meia 13
  • Northern Battlefield (Future Vision: Northern Seal Down, Monster Raid!)

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