Mieli (ミエリ Mieri) is the second of four elemental Book Spirits the player encounters in Avalon Code. She is bound to protect and serve the Book of Prophecy and its current wielder, and has been specifically tasked with bestowing upon newly-reborn worlds the concepts of forests, wind, harmony, conversation, Spring, love, life forces, and colors.

Her Spirit Bookmark is initially found inside Granatum Forest's so-called Eastern Big Tree. She is not even seen until the player defeats the Mutated Chimera, main boss of Chapter 3.

At one point in the game, the protagonist is given the choice to align with one of four legendary Fighting Schools. Mieli advocates an apprenticeship with dwarven chief Rudrud, the head of Northern Hammer.


As the Spirit of Forest, Mieli has pointed ears whose long, green, leaflike tips curl slightly upward; a large amount of bright red hair that hangs in flower-adorned plaits past her waist; round green eyes; and pale, rose-tinted skin. She is taller and more slender than the player when she appears at full size, and her features are exaggerated. While she appears to be an older teenage girl whose age falls somewhere between sixteen to eighteen years, her true age is unknown. Her creation, and that of the other Book Spirits, possibly dates back millenia. In this respect, though she seems to be "older" than two of her fellow Spirits and younger than one, she may be considered a quadruplet.

Her ankles are encased in a dark, quatrefoil-marked brace that limits her power, though she manages to display remarkable talent in battle nevertheless. The chains from her shackle wrap around her waist and hips, and end in two weights. There is an additional, smaller cuff that firmly encircles her left calf right below the knee.

She wears a headband adorned with various flowers and leaves near the temples. Attached to this piece is a distinctive halo-like ring that stands upright. She wears no other clothing apart from a tiered, slit-front, halter-neck dress that showcases her leg weights, and matching detached sleeves.

Mieli's three wings, which flap in unison, resemble plant life much more closely than animal. The bottom one is presumably used for steering.


"Forest Spirit with her legs sealed. Compassionate and gentle, but whimsical like the wind, Mieli prefers taking the middle ground during confrontations. She can also come off as an air-head."
- Avalon Code official English instruction booklet

Mieli is a generally upbeat character who remains firmly on the hero's side no matter the circumstances. In other matters, while she "wears her heart on her sleeve" by nature, she rarely allows her own feelings--however strong--cloud her sense of compromise of duty. She tends to yield to the will of others, often acting on a desire that all parties come to a reasonable arrangement. Among the four Spirits, she fulfills the role of group arbitrator and voices little complaint over Ur's rational ways. She speaks as much about the shackles that bind her legs from knee to ankle, which nonsensically impede her forward propulsion, causing her to stumble on occasion despite her constant hovering.

She can also be rather indifferent to the opinions of even her closest companions, to the extent that she is widely percieved as both airheaded and quirky. For example, she likes the more docile monster types as a whole and does not view all monsters as intrinsically dubious, which Rempo thinks is because she hasn't given the specific subject much thought, and Neaki feels is because she simply has strange tastes.

In-Game TextEdit

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Combat abilitiesEdit

Daphne's Prison

Mieli's basic-level Spirit Magic attack is called Daphne's Prison, as per the incantation: "Daphne's Prison! Take that!"

When one of the Spirits' Spirit Magic buttons is tapped, Mieli prompts the player by asking, "You wanna show them our power?" In the case of Daphne's Prison, cut to a shot of her against a nondescript dark background with rising "energy bursts" as she raises both arms above her head, brings her right arm across her chest, and then flings it out, sending a spiralling, entrapping whirlwind toward the camera. This Spirit Magic Attack has the shortest animation, and is reminiscent of stock magical girl anime.

Dryads' Punisher

Mieli's advanced-level Spirit Magic attack, which replaces her basic move and only becomes available after her shackles are removed, is called Dryads' Punisher, as heard in its corresponding chant, "Dryads' Punisher! Please work!"


As the Spirit responsible for causing living things to flourish after the world is created anew, Mieli can rejuvenate plant life, or perhaps reverse the growing process, to some extent. She displays this capability when reforming an extinct flower from a single dried petal as part of a sidequest, though whether her skill extends to animal life is unknown. This is a notable noncombat ability.


  • Mieli is one of the available bachelorettes, and can become Yumil's girlfriend.
  • To unlock her love confession, the player must raise her Code Point value to at least 3800/5000. The cutscene will trigger near this score.


  • The name "Mieli" comes from "Mielikki", goddess of forests, hunting, the wellbeing of animals, and healing. "Mielikki" itself is derived from the Old Finnish word for "luck", mielu.
  • The names of her Spirit Magic attacks reference, respectively, the tragic Greek mythological figure Daphne, naiad central to the creation of the laurel tree, and the variety of Greek nymph associated with oak trees.
  • Her ornate hair, long sleeves, graceful and dancelike Spirit Attack motions, and association with nature vaguely suggest that she may have been inspired by the archetypical anime shrine maiden (known as miko in the real world).
  • Mieli is the second Spirit found in the first half of the game and the third in the second half, yet her Book entry comes third after Rempo's and Neaki's. This hints at a possible reordering of plot events prior to the final build.
  • In 2008, she ranked eighth in popularity among Japanese fans, according to the official website.