"The corpse of a past ruler, now controlled by an evil spirit. Cursed script on its bandages can deflect attacks. Weak against FIRE, it will lose its power when engulfed in flames."

—Book of Prophecy


  • Weakness: Sword
  • Resist:   Hammer, Projectile


  • Pages: 175-176
  • Original Title: Locked: Invincible Mummy Lord;  Unlocked: Steel Mummy Lord
  • Original Codes: Iron x6, Wealth x1, Invincibility x1
  • Mental Map Upgrade Gains: None/2nd upgrade/4x4

Extra Info - Location:

  • Mt. Elious 8
  • Site of Cyril 12
  • Site of Cyril 25
  • Eastern Desert 6
  • Eastern Desert 18