Floor 1Edit

In game description:

[[Fortune-Teller Alley|
Nanai`s House 1F
Nanai`s House 1F

Fortune-Teller Alley

Fortune-Teller Alley| ]] List of things to explore:

List of things to explore:

Bookshelf - "Stuffed full of books, none written in our language."
Box - "A wooden box. Wonder what's inside."
Stone tablet - "A large stone tablet, inscribed with strange plyphs and figures."
Reward for all - None

Adjacent areas:

Through door - Fortune-Teller Alley

Floor 2Edit

Nanai's House 2F

In game description:

"Mysterious witch Nanai's bedroom... It reflects her livelihood, with random junk strewn all over."

List of things to explore:

Sheet - "What's under this large sheet?"
Skull near stairs - " A skull?! Looks like it came from a real animal."
Candle stick - "A manuel for the weapon shadow fang lies among the rubbish. (Come back with the right Metalize!)"