"An ancient creature in Lake Avernus. Said to be only legend, he's mastered many powers over the years.
He once lived in peace with his wife Nancy, but she went missing during the war between humans and giants.
Oh, Nancy... To this day, Nussie continues searching for his beloved."

—Book of Prophecy


  • Weakness: None


  • Pages: 213-214
  • Original Title: Forfeited Nussie
  • Original Codes: Shadow x2, Fame x2, Wealth x2, Gold x2
  • Mental Map Upgrade Gains: None/2nd upgrade/4x4

Extra Info - Location:

  • Underground Lake Avernus 3

Mystery Shadow in Lake!

  • Triggered chapter 2
  • Description: Giant creature seen in underground lake, details unknown
  • Location: Lake Avernus 3 (Kalcazoth Cave – Underground Lake)
  • Battle: None
  • Get: MP increase to character
  • Extra Info: See Nussie - who is mildly distressed If you have been leveling up the pages in the book then you will be ready to do this at the same time you are going through Kalcazoth Cave

Mystery Shadow in Lake, Update!

  • Req: 1st visit to Nussie/triggered chapter 2
  • Description: Giant creature seen in lake again, details still unknown
  • Location: Lake Avernus 3
  • Battle: None
  • Get: Memory Map – increase to 4X3 area
  • Extra Info: 2nd visit to Nussie – more distressed

Mystery Shadow in Lake, Report 3

  • Req: 2nd visit to Nussie/triggered chapter 3
  • Description: Giant creature seen in lake yet again, details still unknown
  • Location: Lake Avernus 3
  • Battle: Nussie
  • Get: HP increaser (Gold Tablet) & Fatal Battle Sword (Metalize Tablet)
  • Extra Info: 3rd visit to Nussie - Nussie is highly distressed and now you must battle – Nussie was protecting a red creature and thought you were there to disturb it

Strategy / Tips: Nussie is a sea monster in Underground Lake Avernus. It is based on the Loch Ness monster from popular legend. You can fight it by completing the 'Mystery Shadow in Lake!' and 'Mystery Shadow in Lake, Update!' Future Visions in Underground Lake Avernus 3, then going back to the same spot once you get the 'Mystery Shadow in Lake, Report 3' Future Vision. Its attack pattern at full health is swinging its head twice for a short range (half the area you can walk on) attack that can be blocked with a shield, then shooting 3 exploding ice shots at long range (entire map) that can't be blocked but can be dodged by running around because the shots are non-homing, then it repeats the head swings. Once it's down to half health, it stops using the head attack, and just shoots ice repeatedly. It is a very difficult monster to code scan, even by boss standards, because it only has one animation during the entire battle when it's open to the Book, and it's surrounded by water so you can't get behind it. When it reaches half its max health it will put its head on the ground for about two seconds. During this time you have to code scan its body, not its head.