"A pig-faced monster. Cowardly and runs at the first sight of a human. The rise of monsters has driven it from its home, and is now often seen near places of human habitation."

—Book of Prophecy


  • Weakness: Hammer


  • Pages: 107-108
  • Original Title: Fated Pog
  • Original Codes: Fate x4
  • Mental Map Upgrade Gains: None/2nd upgrade/4x4

Extra Info - Location:

  • Hunter's Trail 1 (Lauca Meia Hunting 1 sidequest)
  • Grana Plains 3
  • Grana Plains 5
  • Grana Plains 6
  • Underground Lake Avernus 4

Related Quiz Question:

  • Q: Pogs are monsters found in the plain. How are they unique?
  • A: Small