Crossroads of the World

  1. Northwest tree to the left of the north road.
  2. Signpost
  3. Middle tree on the path to Grana Plains

Entrance of town

  1. Left side of bridge, the third section
  2. Crate next to your house
  3. Signpost

Center of town

  1. In the middle of the four windows to the right of the Romaioni's house
  2. Flower bed on the west path
  3. Southeast street stall

Central Park

  1. The northern point of the fountain
  2. The statue of King Xenonbart
  3. Most southwest bench

Road to Castle

  1. The left pillar of the arch
  2. The right pillar of the arch
  3. The fence to the left of the arch

Fortune-Telling Alley

  1. The unfinished bridge on the left.
  2. The left edge of the southeast fence
  3. The right side of the northern wall

Training Hall Road

  1. Window to the left of the training hall door.
  2. The river to the east.
  3. The middle of the wall when jumping from the arena.


  1. The middle of the arena
  2. The end of the south path
  3. The middle of the north wall


  1. Northern tree
  2. Behind the northeast corner tombstone
  3. Inspect every grave (including #2) and then inspect the middle tree (Must do this before the event at the castle in chapter 1)

Back Alleys

  1. The fence to the right of Haochy's house.
  2. The left part of the door to Haochy's house.
  3. The broken part of the south fence.

Outside Abandoned House

  1. The right side of the door to the house.
  2. The left pillar.
  3. The flower bed to the left of the house.

Mayor's House

  1. The rose flowerbed to the right
  2. Flowerbed to the left of the entrance
  3. The middle of the left fountains

Vis' House

  1. Middle crate to the left of the house
  2. Flowerbed in front of the house
  3. The south right flowerbed