1. Bulletin board next to bed
  2. Fireplace
  3. Dresser in northeast corner
  4. Table in southwest corner

Rex's House

  1. Crate near bed, need 'black feather' metalize tablet
  2. Dartboard near crate from 1
  3. small box in northeast corner

Nanai's House 1F

  1. Stone tablet near northwest corner
  2. Bookcase on east wall
  3. wooden box south of bookcase from 2

Nanai's House 2F

  1. Skull west of staircase
  2. large sheet at the south wall
  3. book in southeast corner, need 'shadow fang' metalize tablet

Duran's House 1F

  1. Bulletin board near fireplace
  2. note on desk near bulletin board from 1
  3. dresser in southeast corner

Metalize Tablet 'Hero's Hat'

Duran's House 2F

  1. Bed in northwest corner
  2. Bookcase in southwest corner, need 'durandal' metalize tablet
  3. Dresser in southeast corner

Haochy's House

  1. Piece of paper under window in west side of north wall
  2. Paper to the east of 1, need 'Haochy Soul' metalize tablet
  3. Boxes in southeast corner

Abandoned House

  1. Bed under window in the middle of the north wall
  2. tallest bookcase on west wall
  3. southernmost bookcase on the east wall

Fana's House 1F

  1. Old clock on north wall
  2. Pot under north window
  3. Small bookcase near bed in southwest corner

Metalize Tablet 'Fruit Juice'

Fana's House 2F

  1. Bookcase in northwest corner
  2. Old clock next to 1
  3. Dresser in northeast corner

Kamui's House 1F

  1. Bookcase on north wall
  2. Desk next to bookcase
  3. Old Clock near southwest corner
  4. Bookcase in southeast corner

Metalize Tablet 'Medicine Plant'

Romaioni's House 1F

  1. Small safe near stairs
  2. Desk in northeast corner
  3. Desk in southwest corner

Romaioni's House 2F

  1. Large safe in northwest corner
  2. Pile of gold bars near west wall
  3. pile of coins near south wall

Mayor's House 1F

  1. Eastern bookshelf near northwest corner
  2. Shield and sword on north wall between 2 windows
  3. Desk near west wall

Mayor's House 2F

Vis' House

  1. Tallest bookshelf on west wall
  2. Mirror near east wall
  3. Bookshelf in southeast corner

Training Hall

  1. second southernmost sword cabinet on west wall
  2. Middle suit of armor near east wall
  3. Hanging piece of bark near southeastern corner, need 'Onikiri' metalize tablet