"A stone monster created by ancient means that guards ruins. He splits into several bodies, and the energy core within him can unleash lasers and energy balls. Breaking his core momentarily yields him useless, allowing you to push him like you would any regular stone block."

—Book of Prophecy


  • Weakness: Projectile
  • Resist:   All but projectile


  • Pages: 219-220
  • Original Title: Strong Torsol
  • Original Codes: Ice x1, Iron x3, Bug x1
  • Mental Map Upgrade Gains: Fate x1/2nd upgrade/4x4

Extra Info:

End of Chapter 4:

Guardian's Domain (Site of Cyril) - Torsol (Boss Battle)
Solution: Open Boss Door with small key and at least 2 lightning codes, Equip Throwing Star (Hidden or regular), scan boss and take off codes (can put on ill code), hit boss with throwing star until he turns from red to black/dark, push him over the upper middle edge, repeat this 3 times to beat the boss – if he turns red while pushing then stop and hit him until he turns dark again and then start pushing again - faster time is better than less hits You can come back later and re-do this room if you did not get a gold score the first time before you were whisked away

Related Big Key Info:

There is a Big Key door in the Training Hall main room that leads to UTHS 11 & 12. To get the Big Key you will have to beat the boss of the Site of Cyril dungeon (Torsol) in Samiad and meet Witch Ellie in the Witch's Desert Palace Prison. (When exit Guardian's Domain then you will get a cutscene where you are thrown into Prison)

Prison (Desert Witch's Palace):

  • Can enter prison after beating Torsol (boss of Site of Cyril Dungeon).
  • All four textbox locations can be accessed from inside the prison (Thrown into prison/later access from Prison Escape Route side)
  • Only two textboxs (bars/door) can be accessed from the palace side
  • Witch Ellie will replenish HP & MP you if you talk to her (available during time in Prison before you unlock Big Key door)
  • Make and drink Potion to cure yourself from curse
  • After beat boss (Torsol/Guardian's Domain):
  • Get: Cutscenes, Get Ur!, New World, 3rd Question/People/2 codes, Guardian shield metalize tablet, gold HP increaser tablet
  • Prison: Exit Boss Room (almost) - Cutscene, Bottle, Potion metalize tablet, Stormlit flower (scan through bars) – Yes, make potion and drink it – Cutscene, scan Big Key (put on at least 2 lightning codes) and use door to get out, Cutscene (receive Shaman’s Pendant before leaving)

Related Quiz Question:

  • Q: What is the guardian that protects the Site of Cyril?
  • A: Torsol

Strategy / Tips:

Remove the IRON Codes after Code Scanning him, and replace it with ILL Codes. Equip a Projectile (preferably an IRON / SLVR Gun) and then just shoot him from afar. Once he turns black, push him off the ledge.

The second Torsol is probably the hardest among the three, as it will shoot homing energy balls (deals 1 DMG), and almost relentlessly. Just shoot continuously if he leaves an opening, then push him off the ledge just like the first one.

The third one is almost the same as the first two Torsols, only this time he doesn't spam energy balls at you. Easy kill. Shoot from afar, then push him off.