Training Hall Road

Training Hall Road

In game description:
"Where Gustav's training hall is found. Carrying a weapon here and you're asking for a deadly duel with him. Children also play here by often break the windows of the training hall. Those who have felt Gustav's wrath now call this place Wrath's Domain."

List of things to explore:

River - "You can see the fish in the water. This water is also drinkable."
Training hall entrance - "A fortress-like training hall. Its name is written in front."
Wall from arena - "You dropped from quite a height!. You can't go back up this way"
Reward from completing - None

This area also has a flower which can be code scanned. (Howl Grass)

Adjacent Areas:

North-West: Center of Town

Center: Training Hall

North-East: Duran's House

South-West: Town Entrance