I have just started playing through Avalon Code through for the second time and as you may have seen I have put several articles each on a separate area of the game world. Several reviews stat that the main adventure is roughly 20 hours long trying to get 100% will push it up to 25-30 hours and any extra bits and pieces up to about 30-35. My process of making articles involve having the in game description, list of things to explore, people in the area with starting codes and adjacent areas.(for an example look at any article that I have put up) I will be putting up a template soon.

As you may realize this will take a long time for all articles to be finished approximately 50 hours of non-stop work. It would be possible for me to do all this by my self but if you the community would like to help in any way then I will accept your help. I could use help in checking articles for errors both game wise and spelling, adding pictures, adding other articles, fixing or adding links or adding things that I may have forgotten.

If you are doing anything major to one of the previous articles then let me know before so I know where I went wrong. Anything just let me know after. Thanks for your help in advance.

Robert0508 04:19, July 12, 2012 (UTC)

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